Property Management 



We Do It All

Whether it is a single-family rental, or a multi-unit apartment building/complex. From commercial property to condominium management, Martin, Inc. takes care of all the financial, maintenance, and tenancy issues for you.

This gives you the ability to enjoy the fruits of owning property, and the time to find more great property investments.



What Can We Do For You?

There are many reasons our services might be right for you:


-Accurate financial records.

-Monthly and annual statements sent directly to you along with your monthly proceeds check or direct deposit.

-Dedicated office for tenants to call and pay rents.

-Preferred rates from contractors and vendors, for advertising and maintenance.

-Our in-depth tenant screening process. We require verifiable rental history, proof of employment and income, and a thorough background check. All tenant applications are screened, researched, and financial requirements put through our income worksheet to verify if applicant income is acceptable for the unit applied for. 

-Our specialized knowledge of Iowa Landlord/Tenant Laws.

-Our Tenant Portal at: which offers online information to prospective tenants, and the convenience of online rent payments and online maintenance requests for our existing tenants.

-Property Owner Online reporting technology made available to you for up-to-the-minute information about your property, 24 hours a day. 

-When you hire us, we will initiate a Property Inspection Report, which includes a full condition report with photos. This report will be made available to you. 



-9% of the monthly gross rent.

-9% of any maintenance/repair work that we must arrange for the property.

-1/2 of the first month’s rent when we find and screen a new tenant for the unit.


Items needed to get started:

-Signed property management agreement.

-Completed property information sheet.

-A copy of the declarations page from your insurance policy, for our files.

-Your SS/TIN#


 Things To Consider When Hiring A Property Manager:

 >Is the firm a licensed real estate broker? In Iowa code 543B.6 anyone practicing property management for another and receiving a fee must be a licensed broker.

>Are all monies deposited in a trust account? Again, this is Iowa law.

>Do they have dedicated full-time staff in the office and in the field that are ready to quickly address issues as they arise? This one benefit can more than make back the management fee.

>Does the firm have a solid understanding of Iowa Landlord/Tenant law, and its execution?

>Do they have a good working relationship with the staff at Waterloo Housing Authority, and know all the ins & outs of the Section 8 Program? Also, do they have a good working relationship with the various government inspection and code enforcement authorities?

>Is property management the firm’s primary business, or does it take a back seat to other priorities? This is primarily what we do all day, every day (and sometimes night, too).


We’ll never have to apologize to you for cut corners or poor service. We greatly value your business and work to earn your trust every day.



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